early work

During the many years of learning, thinking and experimenting with material and strategies in painting, my objects didn't change much. Much scenery. Call it structure & space. Many paintings are based on after nature sketches.
The big underlying theme was (and sometimes still is) 'the ugly, the Kitsch, the conventional (yes-no) beauty & the sublime'.

You'll see pictures from 2000 till 2003 and - on the lower ranges- still earlier ones from Montafon. The standing pictures were made by looking at the real thing, during five summers, 1995-2000. In these summer months the Royal Academy closed its doors and lost its grasp and I happily imitated nature in the mountains. Later on I also painted these mountains at home, reworking the experience.
At the bottom of this selection some early paintings (1998 - 2000) made in the context of formal education.